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Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research (ISSN- 1414-431X) is an open-access, peer-reviewed medical and biological sciences journal published by the Associação Brasileira de Divulgação Científica (ABDC), a nonprofit organization of scientists committed to making the world's scientific and medical literature a public resource. New articles are published online weekly; issues are published monthly.

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Vol.47 (8) 626-726 August 2014


Influence of population and exercise protocol characteristics on hemodynamic determinants of post-aerobic exercise hypotension. L.C. Brito, A.C.C. Queiroz and C.L.M. Forjaz. Braz J Med Biol Res 2014; 47 (8): 626-636.


Effect of JJYMD-C, a novel synthetic derivative of gallic acid, on proliferation and phenotype maintenance in rabbit articular chondrocytes in vitro. G.J. Xu, Z.H. Lu, X. Lin, C.W. Lin, L. Zheng and J.M. Zhao. Braz J Med Biol Res 2014; 47 (8): 637-645.

Changes in cardiac aldosterone and its synthase in rats with chronic heart failure: an intervention study of long-term treatment with recombinant human brain natriuretic peptide. X.Q. Zhu, H.S. Hong, X.H. Lin, L.L. Chen and Y.H. Li. Braz J Med Biol Res 2014; 47 (8): 646-654.

Inhibitory effect of liposomal quercetin on acute hepatitis and hepatic fibrosis induced by concanavalin A. Y. Wan, M.H. Tang, X.C. Chen, L.J. Chen, Y.Q. Wei and Y.S. Wang. Braz J Med Biol Res 2014; 47 (8): 655-661.

Imbalanced expression of functional surface molecules in regulatory and effector T cells in systemic lupus erythematosus. D. Mesquita Júnior, W.M. Cruvinel, J.A.P. Araujo, K.C. Salmazi, E.G. Kallas and L.E.C. Andrade. Braz J Med Biol Res 2014; 47 (8): 662-669.

Neonatal hyper- and hypothyroidism alter the myoglobin gene expression program in adulthood. K. de Picoli Souza and M.T. Nunes. Braz J Med Biol Res 2014; 47 (8): 670-678.

Association between the increase in brain temperature and physical performance at different exercise intensities and protocols in a temperate environment. A.C. Kunstetter, S.P. Wanner, L.G. Madeira, C.F. Wilke, L.O.C. Rodrigues and N.R.V. Lima. Braz J Med Biol Res 2014; 47 (8): 679-688.



A time series analysis of meteorological factors and hospital outpatient admissions for cardiovascular disease in the Northern district of Guizhou Province, China. Y. Jie, H. Houjin, Y. Mengxue, Q. Wei and X. Jie. Braz J Med Biol Res 2014; 47 (8): 689-696.

Coronary artery plaque burden and calcium scores in healthy men adhering to long-term wine drinking or alcohol abstinence. P.L. da Luz, S. Coimbra, D. Favarato, C. Albuquerque, R.I. Mochiduky, C.E. Rochitte, E. Hojaij, C.R.L. Gonsalves and F.R. Laurindo. Braz J Med Biol Res 2014; 47 (8): 697-705.

Influence of exercise modality on agreement between gas exchange and heart rate variability thresholds. F.A. Cunha, R.A. Montenegro, A.W. Midgley, F. Vasconcellos, P.P. Soares and P. Farinatti. Braz J Med Biol Res 2014; 47 (8): 706-714.

An animal experimental study of porous magnesium scaffold degradation and osteogenesis. Y.J. Liu, Z.Y. Yang, L.L. Tan, H. Li and Y.Z. Zhang. Braz J Med Biol Res 2014; 47 (8): 715-720.

Low serum concentrations of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in children and adolescents with systemic lupus erythematosus. O.A.B. Peracchi, M.T.R.A. Terreri, R.V. Munekata, C.A. Len, R.O.S. Sarni, M. Lazaretti-Castro and M.O.E. Hilário. Braz J Med Biol Res 2014; 47 (8): 721-726.

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